Warm summer months are the perfect time for new activities and adventures with your children. With school out for most families, many fun locations across northeastern Ohio are open and ready for business.  Although you many already have plenty of fun traditions and activities planned, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and explore some brand-new family-friendly destinations. Here are 5 Summer Adventures Across Northeast Ohio.

Akron Children’s Museum

With over 15 unique, full-sized exhibits and play rooms, the Akron Children’s Museum offers children the perfect chance to blend learning and fun.  This highly-rated children’s museum is a family favorite where children can experience something new and exciting every time they visit. The mini “doctor and veterinarian’s office,” the dress-up theater, and the Derbytown racing track are just a few guest favorites.  Snuggling up in the giant “bird’s nest” and experimenting in the imaginary play kitchen also offer plenty of wonderful memories. Pack a tasty lunch and plan to spend a full day exploring these larger-than-life games and activities.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Although your family may not be able to head to the ocean this summer, your children can still experience the wonder and beauty of the ocean and all its creatures. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is home to many amazing creatures including marine life from local Ohio rivers, the ocean, and the Amazon River. Daily exhibit feedings, tours, and hands-on activities draw children into the wonder of ocean and river environments.  This aquarium also hosts many special activities throughout the summer making it the perfect place for an unforgettable birthday party or “summer field trip” with your child’s friends. One of its most popular activities is “Zzz’s in the Seas Overnight,” a sleep-over your child will never forget. Spend the night exploring the aquarium with special behind-the-scenes tours and scavenger hunts.   When the lights finally dim, your family can fall asleep watching their favorite exhibits.

Baylor Beach Park

No summer is complete without a trip to the lake.  Plan a fun-filled day of picnicking and activities at Baylor Beach, one of Ohio’s most beloved family parks.  With its private lake, water slides, paddle boats, and canoes, Baylor beach is the perfect place to stay cool in the summer heat. In addition to its lake, the park also offers cozy camping and exciting sports activities.  Its comfortable size and accommodations make Baylor Beach a great place for hosting a family reunion or summer camp-out.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

As parents, it’s important to help our children learn to appreciate a day out in the woods. Hiking and camping are two of the best ways to show them the simple beauty of the outdoors.  Cuyahoga Valley National Park takes great pride in its summer programs and “Junior Ranger” activities. These hands-on activities and lessons are led by trained forest rangers.  Each offer fun lessons on nature, conservation, and even geology. Many of these programs also teach valuable lessons on diversity and culture; children can visually see how native Cuyahoga Indians one lived. This national park is a vital nature reserve your whole family can enjoy.  Stay the day for a picnic or invest in a longer family camp-out.

Castle Noel

Create a little “Christmas” spirit this summer with a trip to this quirky holiday museum. Castle Noel holds the honor of being America’s largest, year-round Christmas attraction.  Real props and costumes from classic Christmas movies fill the huge building, including the massive slide from A Christmas Story and zany costumes and scenery from The Grinch. This Christmas wonderland also houses nostalgic recreations of the festive window displays from New York’s Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Macy’s. Children love the colorful and happy spirit that fills this museum.  With indoor “snow,” Christmas lights, and a visit with Santa, every day is Christmas at Castle Noel. Before you leave, be sure to visit the 25 foot tall animated Christmas tree, Noel’s unofficial mascot!

Summer is the perfect time for adventure and new sights and sounds.  Contrary to popular belief, vacations don’t require long car trips or costly prices. Some of the best memories and experiences may be just around the corner in northeastern Ohio.


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