May 29th marks one of America’s greatest holidays.  Many families around the country set aside this day to celebrate Memorial Day with traditional family camp-outs, nature hikes and picnics.  As you prepare for this fun summer holiday, plan some easy family-friendly recipes everyone will love, especially your children.

PB&J Skewers

Nearly everyone loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For your memorial day picnic, put a fun spin on this traditional sandwich and spark your child’s interest. Spear peanut butter sandwich cubes onto small kabob skewers along with strawberries, grapes, and other large berries.  This hybrid sandwich allows you to sneak several servings of healthy fruit into your child’s lunch.

Corn Dog Muffins

Corn dogs are picnic favorites everyone loves. Re-invent traditional corn dogs into fun finger-food perfect for small hands. Prepare a basic Jiffy corn muffin baking mix and insert cut hot dog slices (about 1 inch long). After baking, you’ll have a yummy stockpile of corn dog muffins to bring to your picnic or hike.  These muffins are relatively cheap and easy to make in bulk for large groups and families. Kids love these cute muffins as either a snack or picnic main course. Dip in ketchup, mustard, or relish for extra flavor.

Snack Necklaces

While you’re grilling or preparing other picnic foods, children quickly get restless and hungry during the wait. Help ward off the “munchies” by giving kids a fun and edible project to create. Tie off a large loop of yarn or twine and provide small bowls of various snacks such as pretzels, Cheerios, Fruit loops, or gummy lifesavers.  For a healthier variety, prepare grapes and other fruits with a pre-cut hole for threading.  After your child creates their necklace they’ll have an easily accessible snack to much on while they wait for lunch.

Veggie Jars

Although some children don’t like vegetables, it’s possible to “fix” this pickiness with some tasty dips.  Ranch, humus, and peanut butter make many vegetables tastier for kids.  However, use these dips in moderation.  One of the best ways to do this is to create a “veggie jar.”

Fill a mason jar with a measured layer of your child’s favorite dip.  Next, insert pre-cut slices of celery, carrot, and snapped peas.  Offer your child the jar and watch them chow down. Eating vegetables will become fun and tasty with this creative serving method.

Walking Taco Bags

Turn your picnic into a fiesta with this easy taco salad recipe.  This recipe is perfect for hikes or other busy memorial day activities.  These miniature taco salads are easy to eat on the road or the hiking trail.

After everyone picks out their favorite type of snack chip, begin adding all the extra ingredients to your “salad bags.”  Cheese, chopped tomato, lettuce, onion, and beans are all great topping options.  Top off your taco salad with a dollop of sour cream or taco sauce.

Mini Subs

Large sandwiches are a challenge for smaller hands. Younger children often become frustrated when they can’t get a good grip on their food.  Create mini sub sandwich to simply their lunch.  Because of these sandwich’s smaller size, you can offer your young children a perfectly portioned lunch without worrying about left-overs or wasted food.

Use Hawaiian rolls or miniature french bread rolls and fills with your child’s favorite sandwich toppings.  Wrap them securely in baggies or cling wrap for storage.  Your child will enjoy these “child-size” personalized sandwiches.

Fruit Cones

Rather than indulging in high-calorie sweets, complete your Memorial Day lunch with a healthier dessert treat.  These tasty fruit cones are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.  Fill ice cream cones with a fun mixture of berries, melon balls, grapes, and apple cubes.  Include any other fruits your family enjoys.  This fruity dessert is just as sweet and delicious as a real ice cream cone.  For some extra sweetness, drizzle some chocolate syrup over the top.

Memorial Day is the perfect time for fun outdoor activities and new family memories.  Complete your day by planning the perfect Memorial Day picnic with foods your whole family will love.  You children will love these creative twists to their favorite picnic foods.


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