Children are born with an inquisitive spirit. They are curious and energetic. They often times need help channeling their energy towards positive activity.

When it comes to what is going on inside their cute little minds, the question is not are all children creative. Rather, the question is how are all children creative. Let’s look at a few ways you can use Spring Break to help your child discover and unleash creativity.

Exposure to New Places and Things

We tend to get in a rut so to speak, and our daily lives develop a pattern. As the adult in the home, you set the pace for the little people. Here are a few ways to shake things up:

  1. Take the long way home. One parent used to actually try to get lost on occasion. She and her daughter called it “going on an adventure.” As they traveled, they looked at landmarks and people and often made up stories to go along with the sites.
  2. Visit a restaurant of foreign cuisine. Foreign to your norm, that is. As you eat, talk about what life might be like in that culture. How might the children play? How might the children dress? Ask your child to paint a picture with words as he describes how he imagines it might be.
  3. Magnify nature. Grab a magnifying glass and take a walk through the backyard. Look closely at the intricate ways God designed and created nature. Ask your child to describe what he is looking at and remind him that he is created in God’s image with the ability to be creative.

Play with Clay

Surf the net and take a look at all of the great homemade play dough recipes that are floating around in cyber-space. You’ll find edible dough, cloud dough, scented and more. Forget all of the utensils often used with play dough and encourage your child to make something, tell you what she made and perhaps make up a story to go along with it. You can set the pace by doing the same and sharing your story first.

We Have the Music in Us

Preschool children are especially drawn to music. They dance freely and are quick to learn new songs. Use a familiar tune such as Happy Birthday or the ABC song and make up a song about the family pet or a trip to the grocery store. Your child will soon make up his own silly songs.

Creative Conversation

Encourage your child’s imagination by getting the floor with her and show her a conversation between two dolls or action figures. Change your voice as you speak. Be sure your child is familiar with the subject of the conversation. This is also a great time to reiterate what they learned before Spring Break.

Building Blocks

Dump the blocks on the floor and tell your child you are building an ice cream shop or a dinosaur. Stay away from the standard towers to knock down. Ask your child to build something different along with you.

Take an ABC Trip

The old game of going on a picnic or a trip to Grandma’s is a fun way to be creative and build memory skills at the same time. Each person names an object she will take along that begins with the letters in the alphabet. All prior items are listed before a new one is added.

Put Technology Away for a Day

Tuck your phone in your pocket, turn the television off and spend the playing and talking. Pose “what if” questions to your child that get his wheels turning. What if we could visit the moon? What if my nose turned blue? What if our chickens could talk?

Change the Mundane

Gather several every day objects such as a spatula, an acorn, a crayon and a toy truck. Talk about ways these items might be useful other than the obvious. Make up a story together, making all of the objects play a role.

Spring Break is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the sun. Be sure you add creative play to your family break. You’ll make some great memories!


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