“Help Me Do It Myself.”

Everyone’s home in unique. Each family needs to set up their home in a way that works for all members of the household. In this offers some suggestions to incorporate the young child’s developmental needs throughout the home. Children develop confidence and a sense of responsibility when they are able to “do it myself”. The ideas listed below help a child to be independent.


  • Keep children’s cups, utensils, plates in a low drawer or cupboard to aid independence.
  • Allow access to healthy snacks (juice in a small pitcher on the lowest shelf in the refrigerator, fruit bowl on a low shelf, healthy snacks in an easy to open container).
  • Invite the child to set the table, count out napkins, etc.
  • Children love to mix batters, whip eggs, spread butter and peanut butter and grate cheese. With practice, children can crack eggs, flip pancakes and make toast (with supervision).
  • Keep sponges, a dustpan and whisk broom available for a child to clean up his messes.


  • Add a low rod or hooks to the closet, so the child can care for his clothes.
  • Keep a hamper, or bag handy where a child can put dirty clothes.
  • Use the bottom dresser drawers for every day clothes, so the child can reach them.
  • Provide a quiet corner for looking at books.
  • Use shelves instead of toy boxes, so the child can see them. Rotate toys on a regular basis.


  • Provide a step stool for reaching the toilet and sink and a low mirror to aid the child in washing their faces, brushing their teeth and combing their hair.
  • Keep a small plastic pitcher near the tub so that the child can rinse her hair.

Living Room

  • Have an area for the child’s things (books & puzzles).
  • Provide a low table or floor pillows for them.


  • Young children can sort socks or fold cloths and towels.
  • Children can learn to put their clothes away in organized drawers (label or attach a picture clue to the drawers until the child catches on.)


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