“My child loves to come to Hudson Montessori School each and every day!”

Parents at Hudson Montessori School consistently say this is how their child feels about our school.  Their child may be three or 13 years old.  The sentiment is the same. Why?

Our implementation of the Montessori approach of education is a major reason why their child loves school. 

Montessori education is built upon a deep respect for children and their tremendous potential and capability.  Our classrooms have several key characteristics that reflect our respect for children:

  1. An approach based on research and science:  Montessori schools have structure that allows each child to reach his or her potential.  Our structure comes from child development science and research. 
  2. Individually-paced lessons:  Our classrooms are set up so that children progress at their pace, carefully monitored and assessed by their teachers.  Rather than teaching to the middle, our students receive what they need, when they need it!
  3. Multi-age classrooms:  Classes are grouped in three-year age spans.  Our teachers, children and their parents know each other well.  Trust is present and impactful.  Individual learning-paths are possible because of the breadth of learning opportunities.  It encourages responsibility in older classmates and self-confidence among all students.
  4. Teachers as guides:  Montessori teachers identify the internal interests and passions of each child.  Our teachers help each student discover what they love and support them in diving into their learning. 
  5. Integrated curriculum:  Subject matter is integrated, so children make connections and meaning.  Modern brain research affirms that connecting knowledge in this way is an effective way for us to learn and retain information.  Students come alive through an integrated approach rather than in “silos” of learning. 
  6. Sustained work-periods:  Long work blocks teach concentration and focus and allow children to do real work that not only develops academic readiness but also provides opportunities to learn important skills like collaboration, time-management, goal prioritization, and persistence.

Do you want your child to have that spark in his/her eye each day that they go to school?  Have you seen that spark leave because of an approach that does not start with deep respect for your child?  Come visit us at Hudson Montessori School and see how our approach creates an exciting environment for children.  Email me at mvirgil@hudsonmontessori.org or call me at 330-342-7236.  We will find a time to open your eyes to the power of Hudson Montessori School!


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