Summer time is here. With it comes longer days and more time spent outside. Children love all of the fun activities that come with summertime. Parents of toddlers, however, may often find themselves scrambling to find enough fun summer activities to keep their little ones occupied. Children at the toddler stage of development are always moving. They are learning more about the world around them, so they are constantly moving from one thing to the next. While this is perfectly normal and essential to learning and development, parents may become frazzled and exhausted just trying to keep up with them. Listed are some suggestions of some fun summer activities for toddlers that will engage toddlers’ attention and keep them happy and busy during the summer months.

1. Painted Rocks

Rock painting is a fun, family-friendly activity that is rapidly catching on. Families all over the country are spending time together painting rocks and hiding them. Not only do children and adults alike enjoy painting and hiding rocks, but it is also a lot of fun finding them! Many toddlers love to experience the joy of finding these little treasures. Rocks are often hidden in public places such as parks, playgrounds and on city/town streets. Aside from the fun of hiding, finding and re-hiding rocks, there are physical benefits as well. Children are up and moving and getting exercise while having fun in the process.

2. Water Play

A time-honored summer tradition is playing outside in the water. Whether it be a trip to the local public pool or just setting up water play in a backyard, this activity is often guaranteed to keep toddlers busy and happy. Many public pools have family nights in which admission is cheaper for families. This may be extremely beneficial for families with several children. The downside, however, is that these family events tend to be busy. If a trip to the pool is not feasible, there are many fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy water play in the backyard.• Water Balloon Fights• Water Gun Battles• Running through sprinklers (these can be homemade by attaching pool noodles poked with holes to a water hose.)• A small kiddie pool with water and toys.

3. Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses can easily be set up right in the back yard using outdoor toys and furniture. This will provide hours of outdoor fun for toddlers. If they start to get bored, the course can always be changed around.

4. Sand Play

Another classic summer activity for children is playing in the sand. There is no need to travel to the beach in order for toddlers to enjoy building sandcastles and burying toys in the sand. Small sandboxes are relatively affordable and don’t take up a lot of space in the back yard. A small tent can also do the trick. It will provide shade for little ones during hot summer days and can be zipped and closed after use to prevent critters from getting into the sand.

5. Picnic

Children, especially younger ones, love eating outside. A picnic in the park or even in the backyard will provide something different for the children. They also can go back to playing right after they are done eating. To make it even more enjoyable, the children can assist with planning and preparing for the picnic. Toddlers love to help and will enjoy planning a fun picnic.

6. Ball Pit

An inflatable kiddie pool makes a great ball pit. A large pack of the ball pit balls is relatively affordable. Instead of purchasing an expensive ball pit, a small inflatable pool will easily accommodate the balls and can be deflated for easy storage. Toddlers love playing with balls, so this is an activity that will be sure to engage them for long periods of time.

7. Shaving Cream Paint

Shaving cream play is a wonderful activity for toddlers. They love the texture and feel of it and enjoy playing with it. When mixed with washable paint, they will enjoy mixing all the fun colors and watching how the shaving cream changes. The downside to this is that it can be extremely messy. The good thing is that cleanup can be made relatively easy by placing a vinyl shower curtain (can be purchased at dollar stores)on the ground outside. The children, dressed in old clothes, can paint all over the shower curtain with the shaving cream and the shower curtain can be discarded afterward.


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